President Guan Yingjun visited overseas universities

 June 11 to June 18, President Guan Yingjun led the delegation to visit universities in America and Canada. Leaders from Nursing College, Personnel Division, Research Division and Department of International Exchange and Cooperation joined the delegation.

In Canada, President Guan Yingjun had discussion with vice president Dr.Douglas of University of Ontario Institute Technology and reached consensus on faculty visit, postgraduate training, faculty exchange.

In America, the delegation had discussions with Dr.Mangione of St.Johns University, Dr.Moller of College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences on joint education of postgraduates and summer study program and signed memorandum. In De Paul University, the delegation reached agreement on postgraduate education, faculty visit and online course construction.

President Guan Yingjun visited Dr. Wang Xin in Harward University, Dr.Zhang Can in Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr.Wang Ping in Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Dr.Fang Deyu in Northwestern University and discussed research cooperation, platform construction, faculty cultivation and overseas talents introduction issues.

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