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Academic Lecture for International Students(8th March 2018)

TOPIC:Medical Education Abroad and  Studying Experience in United States

Lecturer:Jenn Liu

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,PA

Location:  Conference  room on 4th floor in Administration Building

                  Fuyan Mountain Campus

Time:  10:00  am,8th March 2018


Jenn Liu has abundant research experiences, for example, she is participating in Currently conducting research on apathy and impairment in goal-directed behavior (GDB) in Parkinson’s disease (PD) using neuropsychological testing, fMRI, and mobile app behavioral intervention in Department of Neurology, Penn Medicine, Philadelphia,PA. She also did lots of presentations in many conferences and made excellent performance. while she was studying ,she also actively took part in some social practice to increase her own teaching experience, for example,she was the teaching assistant in helping facilitate cell and Tissue Biology small-group learning for 21 first-year medical students. She was co-president in Psychiatry Interest Group, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. She has many hobbies, mindfulness meditation, fiction, hiking, biking, a cappella, and flute. Besides, she is a Mandarin native speaker and she is proficient in Spanish.

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