International Students in Our School Carry out Fire Fighting and Emergency Evacuation Drills

Security department jointed student work department and International education college carried out fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drills for international students, including three parts: fire protection special training, emergency evacuation drill and fire fighting drill. Staff of weicheng fire brigade Yan Yu, class monitor Ji Guo came our school to introduce the drill, and made fire special training for international students.

It assumed that a fire broke out in the public kitchen of students department 1. Fire control room attendant on duty immediately went to the scene to confirm if fire broke out after fire alarm system reporting fire alarm. After the fire confirmation, the micro fire station attendants rushed to the scene to save the fire, immediately activated the emergency plan, and organized and guided personnel to evacuate.

After emergency broadcast of the new installation and intelligent evacuation system starts,students staying in the apartment should responserapidly and evacuate immediately. Students will orderly and safely evacuate to the designated place, according with the advance evacuation method, evacuation order, and evacuation route.

Before the fire fighting practice, Ji Guo, fire brigade class monitor, explained in detail the methods for the use of fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hose, wind extinguishers. And he demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher on site.The international students held practice fire extinguishers in accordance with the steps and methods of fire fighting. The security emergency team also rehearsed a fire extinguisher in combat.

This exercise enhanced the international students' fire awareness. It achieved the expected results.


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