Psychological Counseling for International Students was Organized by School of International Education

At 10 o'clock in the morning on March 16, the School of International Education held the Counseling for Mental Health of International Students at the Training Center.Twenty international students participated in the event.

Teacher Jiang Nengzhi started from the nature and significance of mental health and profoundly revealed the psychological problems and growing troubles faced by students in the university stage. He also proposed related suggestions for the students to resolve the illness of the soul. Afterwards, he played a refined mental health video for his classmates and tapped the tips to cleanse the soul from the data.

Maintaining mental health is conducive to students' self-viewing and promoting the development of good habits. The atmosphere of the lecture was very active. Teacher Jiang Nengzhi made students understand the causes and solutions of psychological problems in a relaxed and humorous manner. With regard to the dual pressures of study and life that international students face, the School of International Education organized this activity to guide students in their mental health. It has a positive guiding role for students in developing healthy psychology and correct treatment of external influences, so that students can correctly view and deal with problems properly. In order to develop a good, positive and healthy living habits.


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