The Sixth Food Festival was held in WFMU

On April 21st, the opening ceremony of the 6th China-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival of our school - with the aim of Eat food from different countries and exchange different cultures, the Food Festival was held in front of Xinglin Restaurant on Fuyanshan Campus.

The food festival takes the special foods of various countries as the carrier to fully demonstrate the food culture and customs of different countries. At the beginning of the activity, international students from all over the world rushed to show their special cooking skills. The atmosphere of the live show was especially warm, attracting many teachers and students to stop and enjoy the tasting experience. Chinese and foreign students made their own country's specialty foods personally. A total of 30 cuisines were prepared.  The dishes produced by international students were distinctive Thai snacks, refreshing sweet orange rice pudding and nutritious Marsala curry chicken skewers.  In addition, Tomato Roll Butter Chicken, Golden Chicken Cutlets, and Chickpea Fried Bread are fresh, mellow, and color-matching foods that attract eyeballs. Chinese characteristics such as brewing, gold ribs, tofu salad sandwiches, golden mushroom strips, and cherry meat made by Chinese students from the School of Pharmacy, Public Health and Management, Nursing, and Foreign Languages are popular among teachers and students. The teachers and students who came to enjoy the food at the same time participated in the signature ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival.

The Food Festival is one of the series of activities of China-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival. It is an important result of School of International Educations continuous exploration of innovative teaching practices and enriched campus cultural activities. It has been successfully held for six times and has become a mature Chinese and foreign culture in our school. It is also a beautiful scene in the strong international atmosphere of campus culture.

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